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20 Best Trips in the World

20 Best Trips in the World


New Orleans, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and Canada’s Nahanni

National Park were named amongst the 20 best trips in the world by National Geographic Traveller Magazine.


Like the rest of the list of must-see places, the three North American destinations reflect what is authentic, culturally rich, sustainable and superlative in the world of travel today.


So, if you’re planning your bucket list, here is the full list of best in the world (in alphabetical order)


·                       Alentejo, Portugal

·                       Arbil, Iraq

·                       Bolaven Plateau, Laos

·                       Cacao Trail, Ecuador

·                       Cape Verde

·                       Cathar Country, France

·                       Cordoba, Argentina

·                       Derawan Islands, Indonesia (readers' choice)

·                       Guyana

·                       John Muir Trail, Scotland

·                       Liechtenstein

·                       Nahanni National Park, Canada

·                       New Orleans, Louisiana

·                       Northern Territory, Australia

·                       Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda

·                       Puglia, Italy

·                       Ranthambore National Park, India

·                       Riga, Latvia

·                       Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

·                       Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

·                       Sochi, Russia


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