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Latest Travel News

Turkish Visa Information

The procedure for obtaining Turkish visas is changing this year.

From 10 April 2014 the traditional “stamp” visa collected on arrival will be replaced by the e-visa. Visitors to Turkey must obtain an e-visa prior to travel.

E-visas cost 20 USD and should be obtained at least one week before departure. However, they can be obtained up to 24 hours before departure. Passengers must print copies to carry with them during travel. Without an e-visa, passengers will not be granted entry into Turkey.

The requirement for 6 month validity on passports remains.


Google's Street View launches Florida Beaches

Florida’s 825 miles of beaches will be available on Google Street View from March 1 this year. A Visit Florida team, trained by Google Maps experts, has completed a four-month project, capturing images of the state’s beaches, using Google’s Street View Trekker technology.

Paul Phipps, chief marketing officer, said: “When you’re planning a holiday, if you’ve never been to the beach areas, this will enable you to see the beaches in realtime, and how Pensacola is different to Naples, which is different to the Keys.”

He added: “Google is the number one search for travel so it is advantageous for us to be a strategic partner. They have done the Grand Canyon but this is the first time you will be able to able to see every mile of beach in Florida.”


Orlando is first US airport to trial high-tech kiosks


Orlando International Airport is the US pilot for high-tech digital security kiosks that promise a “land, touch, go” experience, with passengers clearing immigration in less than two minutes. A version of the kiosk is stationed on the Visit Florida stand, so WTM delegates can check out how it works for themselves.

The 10 kiosks allow international arrivals from visa waiver countries, such as the UK, to “self-process” on arrival, if their fingerprints are already in the system.

It will be the first international airport in the US to trial these kiosks. Anything that makes the arrivals process a more seamless, convenient one is a big advantage.

Miami has already invested in a number of machines and will follow soon after.


New Zealand’s government is to pour NZ$20 million into promoting New Zealand’s luxury offering.

The destination also hopes to use the increased attention expected after the launch of the second Hobbit film in December as a platform for increasing tourist numbers. 

After the first film, 8.4% of visitors said The Hobbit was a key influencing factor in their booking a holiday to the country.


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